What we do

As your promotional products distributor, we wear many hats. In addition to knowing where to get items for clients, we’re also familiar with manufacturing methods and the pros and cons of different fabrics and materials used. We know which vendors have reliable track records for on-time delivery and excellent imprinting. We are your partner, your consultant. We don’t sell anything you can’t get elsewhere, and someone can always be less expensive. But you will always work with a Stein, and we’re invested in our clients’ success. We pride ourselves on the service we offer our clients.

Who are these Kaeser & Blair people? 
In 2008, we made a strategic decision to affiliate with Kaeser & Blair, a family business that has served the promotional products industry for more than 100 years. They have the financial strength, buying power, office staff, and customer service required to handle any size order or program with ease. Having Kaeser & Blair take on the administrative end of the business has allowed us more time to do what we love most: working with our clients. 

What are promotional products anyway? 
Promotional products are tangible and useful products that carry an imprinted message. They are usually given to a targeted market.

PDgrrreat.pngThese products help:

  • Create identity
  • Change identity
  • Update identity
  • Promote a message
  • Sell a strategy
  • Sell products
  • Communicate the corporate personality
  • Leave a lasting impression

Uses include:

  • Customer referral program
  • Announce new name
  • New products/service introduction
  • New customer/account generation
  • Boost trade show traffic
  • Promote Brand Loyalty
  • Promote New Logo or Trademark
  • Mergers/Acquisitions
  • Community Relations Programs
  • So. Much. More. The possibilities are endless!