John_head_shot copy.jpgJohn Stein - Generation 3

John grew up in a home where everything read “your imprint here in 3 lines.” Other kids had calendars with the name of the local funeral home or pencils with the name of the local bank. When he ran in his first school election, his dad printed orange pencils with a black message that read “Fall in line with John Stein”. His opponent gave out sticks of chewing gum. The pencils created a landslide victory, the first time John really sensed the effectiveness of promotional products.  Wood pencils are still around, doing that same job.  John would gladly give anyone a nice reward to see one of those pencils again.

The daytime family business was just one of two major influences that his family passed along. The Steins were also active community volunteers, setting an example that John is happily engaging in 40 years later, having served on local, regional, state and national boards and commissions throughout his adult life (so far...).

wendy_headshot_copy.jpgWendy SteinGeneration 4

Born & raised in the promotional products world, Wendy never understood why some kids in school had pencils with no imprint on them. After earning her B.A. from the University of Michigan, where she double-majored in psychology & communications and became a diehard Wolverines fan, Wendy returned to Fort Wayne to join John as the fourth generation of Steins in the family biz.  
When not busy contemplating the best promotional products to build your brand, Wendy shares her family’s commitment to community service. She was a founding member of Young Leaders of Northeast Indiana, and has volunteered with numerous nonprofit and civic organizations ranging from A (Artlink) to Z (Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo).

Ruby-work-shot copy.jpgRuby Administrative support
Ruby joined the Stein Ad Promos pack in June 2010. She serves on our social media team. Other areas of responsibility include guarding the perimeter and causing a ruckus during phone calls. She is a firm believer that every day is Take Your Dog to Work Day.  
Ruby's interests include long walks, peanut butter, rawhide chews, and belly rubs. 

Dani-alert copy.jpg

DaniShipping & Receiving

Dani has been with the Stein Ad Promos gang since November 2009. Her primary responsibilities are notifying when UPS and the mailman arrive, which she does joyfully and vocally, occasionally throwing in some interpretive dance. She also frequently volunteers to taste-test lip balm samples (mmm, delicious!). 

Dani is a fan of herding adults, children, and other dogs.